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Joe 90 celebrates his 50th anniversary. Joe 90 provides examples of the following tropes:. Joe 90, the classic bespectacled Gerry Anderson puppet character, the youngest special agent in the world, first appeared in comics in his own title, Joe 90, launched by City Publications on 18 January 1969.. [53][55] In the US, Joe 90 aired in first-run syndication in 1969. Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database “He’s only nine years old – but he is the world’s most audacious special agent! [78] "The Most Special Agent" was re-edited to remove its framing sequences, thus giving the impression that Joe's theft of the MiG-242 is a real mission rather than a fiction. [33] During the 1990s, comparisons were made between Joe and then-Prime Minister John Major, also known for his large glasses. [E 2][5] The ending plot twist, which includes the revelation that Russia and the West are allies, is praised by media historian Nicholas J. Cull for its "progressiveness of spirit" and for proving Anderson's wish to "[take] an end to the Cold War as a given in his work". Photos of the Joe 90 (Show) voice actors. [34] In Anderson's biography, What Made Thunderbirds Go!, the Joe 90 theme is described as a "dizzying piece of psychedelic pop art that could have been produced only in the late Sixties". [6][7][24][25][26][L 1] Each episode took an average of two weeks to film. [88], Joe 90 was also given its own weekly comic, Joe 90 Top Secret, which ran for 34 issues and presented the TV episodes in strip form, while also including strips based on The Champions and Land of the Giants. [50], Supporting characters were voiced by Alexander, Healy and Anderson as well as returning voice actors Gary Files, Martin King, Jeremy Wilkin, Shane Rimmer and (for one episode, "Viva Cordova") Liz Morgan. 6 October 1968 13 Joe goes into space to save two astronauts stranded in … [15][16][35] Except for Captains Scarlet and Blue, all of the main character puppets from Captain Scarlet were re-used. I started toying with the story potential of a process that would allow the recording of brain patterns and transferring them to another brain. [25] The script for the first episode, "The Most Special Agent", was written by Anderson and his wife Sylvia as had been the case on earlier series created by the couple. [23], The theme and incidental music was composed by Barry Gray. [6][8][9] On-screen evidence indicates that the episode "The Unorthodox Shepherd" is set in 2013. Wiki Characters Young Joe McClaine is known as W.I.N. [E 4][E 13][13] In contrast, one episode demonstrating the benefits of nuclear technology is "Big Fish", in which Joe must pilot a damaged nuclear submarine out of the territorial waters of a Latin American police state. [92], For the band named after the TV series, see, I liked the idea of it all being a sort of family thing and I also liked the puppets themselves more than the ones in, "Gerry Anderson: The Puppet Master – Part 3", "The Hows and Whys of Supermarionation – Part 4", "Complete Studio-Recording List of Barry Gray", "The Hound – May 2003: Joe W.I.N. Without them, he's a boy. [34] After a further 36 issues, the Joe 90 strips were dropped and the title reverted to TV21. 's Most Special Agent, because his adoptive father, Professor Ian McClaine, has created a special device known as the BIG RAT. Most Special Astronaut. Joe 90 is a Supermarionation series made in 1968 by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. September 29, 2018. "[8][19][20] When it came to devising the series, Anderson was inspired by his early work as an assistant editor on films such as The Wicked Lady (1945), for which he handled recording tape on a daily basis. "[21] Writer John R. Cook agrees with La Rivière's points on viewer self-identification, describing the series as "wish-fulfilment fantasy" and Joe as a reflection of the young target audience. [16][53] Granada, which started its run with the Christmas-themed "The Unorthodox Shepherd" rather than "The Most Special Agent", was one of several broadcasters to transmit the series under the alternative title The Adventures of Joe 90. Another series created by pre-eminent special-effects man Gerry Anderson. Also available were Joe's WIN briefcase (complete with replica gadgets and pistol) and his WIN badge (reading "Most Special Agent"). ( World Intelligence Network ), run by Shane Weston. There is a sense of humanity and humbleness embedded within all the techno gadgets and unique characters. [92][93], In 2002, Carlton released a five-disc Region 2 DVD box set sourced from a digital remaster of the original 35 mm prints. [35][68], La Rivière notes the intimacy of the premise and the predominantly male characters, suggesting that Joe 90 is "very much a Boy's Own adventure. [42][43] "Lone-Handed 90" features a recurring harmonica played by Tommy Reilly. [92] The eight-volume set featured the episodes "The Most Special Agent", "Splashdown", "Attack of the Tiger" and "Arctic Adventure" in their re-edited forms from the 1981 compilation film The Amazing Adventures of Joe 90, which itself received three video releases in the 1980s. Joe 90 celebrates his 50th anniversary. [5] The generally accepted timeframe is the years 2012 and 2013. [E 2][E 4][5][11] WIN is the successor to MI6, the CIA and the KGB, which have been merged to form the new global spy network. [41][45] Rating the CD three-and-a-half stars out of five, AllMusic reviewer William Ruhlmann comments that while the music is "not great writing" it remains "perfectly adequate, if not inspired. [82][83] In the 1990s, PolyGram proposed a live-action film adaptation of Joe 90. For the uninitiated, 'Joe 90' was a 'Supermarionation' production made by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, their first since 'Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons'. Joes adoptive father and computer expert, Professor Ian McClaine, one day finds a machine that he the BIG RAT, (Br I G Record mpulse alvanoscope And Transfer) calls. [7][12], In 1994, Joe 90 was shown on BBC1. He was Maigret forever, you see, in their eyes. Sam Loover, Mac's friend and an agent of the World Intelligence Network (WIN), recognises the potential of Joe and the BIG RAT and persuades Mac to pledge their services to the organisation. BIG RAT itself is a superb chocolate orange of a machine, which spins through the opening credits as the theme tune bubbles. If you enjoyed watching this Joe 90 episode online, then you’ll probably enjoy the whole series. "[67], Ultimately, Joe 90 has proven to be less successful than earlier Anderson productions. Similar to the Thunderbirds (Int'l Rescue), and Captain Scarlet (good vs evil), Joe 90 is also about saving the world from chaos and malicious destruction by bad people. [5] Cull states that Anderson was motivated by what he perceived as a "duty to the rising generation to avoid perpetuating Cold War stereotypes". September 29, 2018. [E 4][5] An example of the technology on display is Mac's "Jet Air Car": a land-sea-air hybrid vehicle and the McClaines' preferred means of transport. Joe 90 is more oriented toward kids than Anderson's two previous series, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons.. It follows the exploits of nine-year-old schoolboy Joe McClaine, who becomes a spy after his adoptive father invents a device capable of recording expert knowledge and experience and transferringit to another human brain. [29] The final Supermarionation series, The Secret Service, advanced this hybrid format by combining puppet sequences with extensive footage of live actors. [22] Pre-production was completed in October while the last episodes of Captain Scarlet were being filmed. [E 14][14], Joe 90 was intended to be a different kind of Supermarionation series, with the emphasis less on action, gadgetry and special effects and more on characterisation and plots that were more spy thriller than science fiction. Aug 14, 2018 - Explore Richard Molnar's board "JOE 90 (1968-1969)", followed by 999 people on Pinterest. [93] Through these releases, the episodes that make up the compilation film were made commercially available in their unedited forms for the first time. Commentators have interpreted the spy-fi theme and use of a boy protagonist as both a "kids-play-Bond" concept and an enshrinement of children's imagination. "Technically, the first episode as well, "The Most Special Agent" — the mission Joe undertakes in this one takes place in Sam Loover's mind, as he illustrates to Professor McClaine how Joe … 's Feature Deal", "British Film and TV Rights and Distribution Histories", "The Hound – March 2005: Hypermarionation", "Joe 90: The Complete Series Blu-ray Box Set", The Gerry Anderson Complete Comic History,, 1960s British children's television series, 1960s British science fiction television series, British television shows featuring puppetry, First-run syndicated television programs in the United States, Short description is different from Wikidata, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "The Most Special Agent" and "Hi-Jacked" (plus episodes from other, "Relative Danger", "Business Holiday", "King for a Day", "Double Agent", "Most Special Astronaut", "Arctic Adventure", "The Fortress" and "Colonel McClaine", "Project 90", "The Race", "The Professional", "Lone-Handed 90", "Attack of the Tiger", "Talkdown", "Breakout" and "Mission X-41", "Test Flight", "Child of the Sun God", "Trial at Sea", "Viva Cordova", "See You Down There" and "The Birthday" (Plus additional documentaries), Character Biographies – Joe McClaine, Professor McClaine, Sam Loover, Shane Weston, Information Files – WIN, Culver Bay Cottage, the BIG RAT, Mac's Jet Air Car, Joe's Briefcase, Location filming: "The Unorthodox Shepherd", This page was last edited on 17 November 2020, at 05:29. See more ideas about joe 90, gerry anderson, thunderbirds are go. The adventures of a preteen secret agent who can have any useful skills downloaded into his brain. You can buy it – and many other great Joe 90 goodies below. [10] The stronger violence introduced in Captain Scarlet is sometimes evident in Joe 90: in "Hi-Jacked", Joe kills an enemy with a grenade,[E 8] while in "Project 90", Mac narrowly avoids having his head pulverised by a drill. [30], Keith Wilson and Grenville Nott took over from Bob Bell as heads of the art department and built the inside of Culver Bay Cottage from a design by Mike Trim. Joe 90 issue 20, 1969. Voice cast Four of the regular Joe 90 characters: (left to right) Sam Loover, Shane Weston, Mac and (in front of Mac) Joe.. Play Pause Stop. [47], Compared to Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 features a smaller cast of just five regular characters. [81], In the 1980s, the rights to the ITC productions belonged to PolyGram Television. Click on a character's picture for more information about them. [6][58][72][76] The authors of Supermarionation Classics praise the writing and model work but add that the series "failed to arouse more than a passing interest" with some fans. The main character in Joe 90 is a 9-year-old child named Joe McClaine. August 24, 2018. [E 2] Reporting to Shane Weston, commander-in-chief of WIN in London, he is equipped with a briefcase that is externally an ordinary school case but actually contains a specially-adapted handgun and transceiver. [15][16] The series' spy-fi theme was further developed in the following Supermarionation series, The Secret Service, which like Joe 90 features an unconventional secret agent (a vicar – Father Stanley Unwin) and an intelligence agency with an acronym for a name (BISHOP – short for "British Intelligence Service Headquarters, Operation Priest"). There are several reasons for this, and one of them is the misconception that having a child character as the star automatically means that the series is much more child-friendly than previous Anderson shows. 's Most Special Agent, because his adoptive father, Professor Ian McClaine, has created a special device known as the BIG RAT. [6][7] Other sources point to an undetermined year in the early 21st century, while the scriptwriters' guide gives the year as 1998. [37] The puppets of Sam Loover and Shane Weston had each made several guest appearances in Captain Scarlet. Aug 5, 2015 - Explore Gordon Plumridge's board "Joe 90", followed by 117 people on Pinterest. [10][12] Hostile entities include the Eastern Alliance, which dominates Asia and appears in the episodes "Attack of the Tiger" and "Mission X-41". Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (audio), Armed with the skills of the world's top academic and military minds, Joe is recruited by the World Intelligence Network (WIN) as its "Most Special Agent". [73] Jeff Evans, author of The Penguin TV Companion, criticises the glasses as a plot device, writing that they make Joe "look more like the class swot than a secret agent. [E 9][6] The series ends with a clip show episode in which a number of Joe's missions are recounted as flashbacks during a surprise party on his 10th birthday. [92] Re-released in 1992, the set used 16 mm prints of poorer quality than the original film. [17] The vehicle was a disappointment to Anderson, who commented that it "looked like no other piece of hardware we had had previously, but I was wary of canning it as I feared I might be becoming stereotyped. Mute or unmute volume Set volume to 20% Set volume to 40% Set volume to 60% Set volume to 80% Set volume to 100% Outwardly an ordinary father-and-son pair, the McClaines live in an Elizabethan coastal cottage in Dorset, tended to by their housekeeper Mrs Harris. For their regular roles in Joe 90 they were given a range of alternative "mood" heads, including "smilers", "frowners" and "blinkers". [75] He comments: "Through the character of Joe, his brain hardwired at the start of each episode into the BIG RAT supercomputer, the young are shown to be literally at one with technology. share. Continued in TV21 & Joe 90 (City Magazines; Century 21 Publications, 1969 series) #1. [58] Stephen Hulse refers to Joe 90 as "technically accomplished" and "clearly the most child-oriented" of the Andersons' later puppet productions, but also calls it one of their "lesser series". "[65] La Rivière's attention is drawn to Mac's line at the end of the first episode: the admonition "Don't come crying to me if you get hurt!" [23] Noting Joe 90's subscription to "wider themes in Cold War culture", Cull likens the BIG RAT's capabilities to brainwashing but concludes that fundamentally it is "benign" technology. [11][19][72] The name "Joe 90" has become a popular term of endearment for both children and adults who wear glasses similar to Joe's, such as snooker player Dennis Taylor. [78][79] Intended to boost US syndication sales, the film was one of several Anderson anthologies to be released in the 1980s under the promotional banner "Super Space Theater". However, he agrees that while the car is Joe 90's "star vehicle", it is unimpressive compared to the "beautiful, sleek design of its predecessor". Get and give this great Joe 90 card in the 50th Anniversary year of this classic series! There was something about it that was very strange and sinister. It follows the exploits of nine-year-old schoolboy Joe McClaine, who becomes a spy after his adoptive father invents a device capable of recording expert knowledge and experience and transferring it to another human brain. [24] He found support in Anderson's long-serving collaborator Desmond Saunders, who directed the first episode and stayed on as production manager for the rest of the series. [25], A Christmas-themed episode, "The Unorthodox Shepherd",[E 1] featured location shooting to an extent that Century 21 had never attempted before. A live-action film adaptation has been proposed more than once but remains undeveloped. [66] La Rivière highlights the connection between the boy protagonist and the theme of espionage, writing that the series' premise "taps into the fantasy indulged by most boys that they, even at nine years old, can be James Bond. August 24, 2018. "[51] Of the 30 episodes, only ten feature female characters, a fact that La Rivière attributes to Century 21's pre-occupation with Thunderbird 6 and Doppelgänger. [E 7], Joe's innocence proves to be as much of an asset as the BIG RAT, and he comes to be regarded as WIN's "Most Special Agent". "[37][54] On her one role in Joe 90, Morgan said: "They needed a voice, they called around and everyone else was out shopping. [40][41] This music was recorded between 18 January and 27 September 1968, beginning with the titles and the first episode tracks in a session at the Olympic Sound Studios in London[L 3] and ending with the music for "See You Down There" at CTS Studios. Arctic Adventure is the 15th broadcast episode and 14th produced episode of British television series Joe 90. [67] With his added knowledge and experience, Joe becomes the manifestation of homo superior, and yet his youth and imagination grant him the power to change the world in ways that no adult could. The series was syndicated in the United States in 1969, repeated in the UK in the 1990s and released on DVD in the 2000s. "[6], Joe 90 debuted on ATV Midlands and Tyne Tees Television in late September 1968. Joe 90 Greetings Card. [84] In 2003, Variety reported that a film version was in the planning stages with Disney producing. [6][22], The series was commissioned by Lew Grade in the autumn of 1967. [5] Although the first episode sees Joe hijacking a Russian fighter, the story is ultimately revealed to be a fiction conceived by Weston to demonstrate the kinds of espionage that Joe will perform as a WIN agent. Joe 90 – even after fifty years just the title alone seems to annoy some people. [16][53] The series reached Harlech and Channel Television in November and Granada Television on Christmas Day. WIN is another organisation in an Anderson series to have an acronym for a name (an earlier example being the World Aquanaut Security Patrol, or "WASP", in Stingray). [8][23] Principal photography ran from 13 November 1967 to mid-August 1968 on the two puppet stages at Century 21's studios on the Slough Trading Estate in Berkshire. [7][8][36] Few new puppets were made, the only notable exceptions being Mac (who was sculpted on "bouncing bomb" designer Barnes Wallis), Joe and Mrs Harris. Armed with the skills of the world's top academic and military minds, Joe is recruited by the World Intelligence Network … In 2005, while discussing obtaining remake rights from Granada, Anderson said: "We have regular meetings and although they are very polite and very nice, nothing ever happens. [44], Silva Screen Records released a Joe 90 soundtrack CD in 2006. [3][22][27] Before WIN was devised, Joe was to have become the "Most Special Agent" of the CIA. Merger of "TV Century 21" and "Joe 90 Secret Agent" created the start of this new volume, a change which was accompanied by the issue number reverting to one. What's new? At the heart of the BIG RAT is the "Rat Trap": a spherical cage in which the subject sits while receiving the recorded "brain patterns". [3] Most of the episodes were written by Tony Barwick, with Shane Rimmer contributing six scripts. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Joe 90 was conceived by Gerry Anderson as the star of his latest puppet show following the success of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. [40][41] Recording was sometimes conducted at Gray's house in Esher. Joe toys. "[6][7] These words, intended to warn young viewers not to endanger themselves by copying Joe's exploits, have sometimes been wrongly attributed to Keith Alexander. The trailers are included as a special feature on the Joe 90 Region 2 DVD box set. [34][89] In September 1969, Joe 90 Top Secret merged with TV21 (formerly TV Century 21) to form TV21 and Joe 90. Though not as successful as Century 21's earlier efforts, Joe 90 has been praised for the characterisation of its main puppet cast and the quality of its scale model sets and special effects. As with its earlier productions, Century 21 produced tie-ins from comic strips to toy cars. [90], During the 1990s, Joe 90 appeared as a comic strip in the Funday Times. [53] Files said that he was "tickled pink" to be working with Davies, commenting: "I hated the way that so many so-called producers wouldn't meet his eye. flag. Then they would be rechristened 'Matthew Lilley' ( in honour of one of its characters ). This enables Joe to acquire the skills and knowledge of any kind of person, from Aquanauts to Astronauts, from piano players to brain surgeons. [70] Grouping Joe 90 with Supercar and The Secret Service, Peel concludes that it is "hardly coincidental that these tend to be the least-loved of [Anderson's] series; he had, after all, ignored half of his potential audience. After seven issues, this merged into Fleetway's Thunderbirds comic. Joe 90 is a Supermarionation series made in 1968 by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. So they called me in. [38] Many of Century 21's "revamp puppets", which had played supporting characters in Captain Scarlet, were copied in darker skin colours to portray a range of ethnicities. See more ideas about Joe 90, Gerry anderson, Joes. [59] Rights holder PolyGram cleared the series for broadcast on the condition that the title sequence's "zooming" Joe 90 logo be replaced with a static version to distinguish it from the logo for G.I.

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