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So did I. I heard…from a friend…the snorkeling on Culebra is stunning. Visit to Flamenco beach and Culebrita Island. My ferry to Culebra did leave at 10:45 not 10:30, but the return ferry left promptly as scheduled, likely because only about ten of us had to board. per night. Verifiquen itinerario antes de comprar boletos. Need to go to culebra or vieques in the ferry? The price is $135 per night from Nov 21 to Nov 22 $135. You can easily spend a leisurely day seeing the sights and exploring what the area has to offer. Location. The basic fare pretty much only includes you and a small personal items. Ceiba → Culebra. It reduces the travel time needed to make the crossing. Esta ruta tiene una duración aproximada de 45 minutos desde Roosevelt Roads Waterfront hasta Bahía Sardinas y 90 minutos a San Ildefonso. Continue to 9 of 10 below. Northumberland Ferries Limited has taken measures to keep you while still enabling you to move about the ship, enjoy a snack and get some fresh air – like you always could. I’ve seen them in pictures. Culebra → Ceiba. From San Juan, you have a few options for flights to Culebra or you may also take the ferry from Ceiba located at the Marina Dr, Roosevelt Roads. Fajardo to Culebra Isleño Ferry - Duration: 3:02. If you’re purchasing child or senior fares, you will have to purchase in person so that you can provide proof of age. There was already a pretty long line for the ferry to Culebra. Culebra beaches are breathtaking. The island is home to the Culebra Wildlife Refuge and is a quiet destination for those looking to get away from the bustling cities that cover most of Puerto Rico. View Map; Website; Localizado en Roosevelt Roads Waterfront. The ferry terminal that takes you to Culebra is at Cieba, NOT Fajardo. We got within five people of the ticket window after waiting for more than three hours when they announced the ferry was full. The link below goes into the ferry departure times. Save Hillbay View Villas to your lists. If you'd like to find things to see and do in the area, you may want to check out Flamenco Beach and Vieques Ferry Terminal. PORFERRY.COM es un servicio de ATM (Autoridad de Transporte Marítimo) para la venta de boletos por Internet. Additional Fees . Hi there used to be a ferry between the two islands,but has not been for a while. You can also fly from Ceiba Airport (RVR) for around $40 one way. Vieques Air Link and Air Flamenco fly between Ceiba and Culebra. Travel to Culebra Island Getting to Culebra is convenient and affordable (no passport required for U.S. citizens). Do not do lines! As others have said, be sure to take the passenger ferry and not the cargo ferry. Captain Miguel 2,407 views. Passengers may ride the cargo ferry for $2.25 each way. 09 of 10. View Map; Localizado en Bahía Sardinas. You can fly to Culebra from San Juan ($105 R/T - Air Flamenco) with one of the above airlines, or get there from the town of Fajardo by ferry. Culebra; Reserving Ferry Tickets to Culebra. I you can't get ferry tickets to Culebra or Vieques, Icacos Island is not a bad second option: $25 per person from Fajardo to Icacos *Minimum trip: $100 Add snorkel gear or umbrella for $15 a day! No guarantee you’ll get a ferry ticket. If you choose to take the ferry, note that you'll have to leave your rental car in a parking lot near the ferry terminal and schedule separate transportation in Culebra and Vieques. But, you don’t have to make the same mistakes as I did. The issue is that the schedule changes quite frequently. That terminal has not been available for ferries to Culebra since the hurricane a few years ago. Don’t worry we got you. Get Tickets. Location. On this page you will find information on ferry rates and schedules, travel tips, how to make reservations, contact information, and more FAQ’s. We want our tourists arrive to the islands. If you are bringing additional bags, coolers, beach chairs or anything like that, you pay extra (about $1 or $2 per bag). The … The Culebra Ferry sunk my plans to visit Culebra Island off of Puerto Rico. Know Before You Go . Passenger and Cargo ferry is available from the municipality of Ceiba to the offshore islands of Vieques & Culebra. Boat/Ferry Company Answer 1 of 8: Hello, My husband and I are taking a week to explore Puerto Rico this month. Whether you visit Culebra to get lost in the beauty of the beaches and underwater environment or enjoy exploring its history at the museum; the island provides for a casual, laid back holiday. We pick you up anywhere in Puerto Rico and take to Fajardo Ferry Terminal. 2.5 out of 5. Ferries used to depart from Fajardo, but since 2018 have been departing from Ceiba according to friends in Puerto Rico. Discover the seaside area of Culebra—beaches, island views, and top sights from Flamenco Beach to Culebra Ferry Terminal. We will deliver them to you in San Juan!. Tips for Ferry travel from Ceiba to Vieques & Culebra. Our flight schedule dictates arrival at the ferry landing by Uber after the last passenger ferry, necessitating the need to take last Cargo ferry at 8:15. Esta ruta tiene una duración aproximada de 45 minutos desde Bahia Sardinas a Roosevelt Roads Waterfront y 90 minutos desde San Ildefonso. From Fajardo it will cost $4.50 round trip for a 45min ferry ride. Your ferry ticket includes one back per person. Esta página te permite ver los itinerarios, comprar boletos, y te contesta preguntas relacionadas con el servicio de Ferries. Bienvenido al sistema de venta de boletos en línea para viajar en Ferry entre Vieques y Culebra, y Ceiba. Now, with the storm - it may be that the ferry chooses to make a triangle out of the journey between Fajardo, Vieques and Culebra - but communication is not very easy to come by - so be prepared for anything! Comprar boletos Itinerario. View the ferry schedule and prices. Avoid lines, get ferry tickets. If you want to travel to Vieques or Culebra on a weekend or around a holiday, be prepared for large crowds and long wait times. Rodney Dangerfield at His Best on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1983) - Duration: 10:07. Get Tickets. Culebra is about 12 miles west of St. Thomas. The best part is, you can live like a millionaire, with spacious rooms, breathtaking views, and room for the whole family, at remarkably affordable rates. Most of the problems with the ferry were several months ago. If you make reservations, you’ll be charged a $3.00 service fee per ticket, plus tax. HMS Ferries has developed a plan aimed at standardizing and executing improvements to maritime transportation between Ceiba and the islands of Vieques and Culebra. Caribbean Part 2 of search for the best beach in Puerto Rico. We ask that you be conscientious of the safety of others by wearing a face mask/covering at all times during travel when not in a vehicle or outdoors. The ferry schedule changes often (due to weather, holidays, maintenance, break downs etc). We were fortunate to visit on the off season in November so there were no crowds. The ferry to Vieques took approximately 30 minutes and Culebra is around 45 minutes. We plan to spend one day on Culebra, catching the 9am from Fajardo and the 5pm back. If you happen to miss the ferry at Fajardo, an alternative is to fly from the Ceiba airport. It is a good idea to carry with you the local airlines' phone numbers. Culebra to Ceiba (Culebra to the main island) Ceiba to Vieques (the main island to Vieques) Vieques to Ceiba (Vieques to the main island) These ferries leave several times a day, seven days a week. Ferry To Culebra, Fajardo, Puerto Rico. The cargo ferry is an internal room with no windows and a very slow trip (about 80-90 minutes from Ceiba to Culebra). The Vieques Culebra Ferry Watch page on Facebook is the place to watch for ferry activity/problems. Comment by Gwenn on 06 Mar 2019. Home; Terms & Conditions; Return Ferry Tickets; Vieques Info. Planning a trip to Puerto Rico and want to visit the beautiful Culebra Island? Culebra Pueblo is home to Culebra Ferry Terminal. Ferry to Culebra/Vieques. Ceiba Ferry Terminal. isladeviequespagos@gmail.com. (Fajardo is about 1 hour 30 min drive from San Juan International Airport in heavy traffic). All in all, I had a successful trip and just relaxed, knowing it would all work out and burying my nose in a memoir while waiting in the open-air tent alone. We will be going to Vieques on the 17th of May this year for our 40th anniversary. Street #1 C-3, La Romana Sector, Culebra . From what I have read, things are back to normal. If the ferry is gets filled, even if you have a reservation it will leave. The new ferry terminal located in Cieba provides a shorter route between Ceiba and Culebra/Vieques. Cll Pedro Marquez, Culebra, 00775. 3:02. Charter, Transportation & Ferry service to and from Culebra & Vieques Islands Pure Adventure provides year round ferry service to and from the Islands of Culebra and Vieques from any point along the eastern coast of Puerto Rico including the Fajardo & Humacao areas. This is the cheapest option, but the ferry comes with a few caveats. For each of the islands, there are boats that make round trips every two hours, starting at 4:00 a.m. and ending at 8:30 p.m. In Culebra enjoy Flamenco Beach, the top ranked beach in Puerto Rico and one of the top beaches in the world. If you take the passenger ferry… You have to return to Fajardo to get to the other island. We will have a rental car we are leaving at the dock. As far as flights, if you leave from Isla Grande (after taking taxi from SJU to Isla Grande), the fare is $60 one way.There are five in our party and we will be taking the 4:45 flight from Isla Grande to Culebra on June 18. We found an alternate activity for the day and went back Sunday, arriving at 4am to avoid another disappointment, and were the first in line, though not by much. From Culebra you can take a water taxi or private boat to visit Culebrita for the day. Ferry from Fajardo to Culebra. Ceiba / Vieques Ferry Schedule. The ferry that runs from Fajardo to the islands of Culebra and Vieques is run by the Puerto Rico government and is called the Integrated Transportation Authority of Puerto Rico. The ferry takes about 60-90 minutes (depending on the ship) to travel between Puerto Rico and Culebra. Avoid lines and get your Vieques ferry tickets or Culebra ferry tickets online. Culebra Ferry Prices* Basic fare is only $2.25 if you buy in person. Buy a round trip ticket. It’s possible to buy tickets at the ferry terminal, but there’s never a guarantee they won’t sell out. Are you hoping to snorkel, too? Verifiquen itinerario antes de comprar boletos. Culebra Ferries The ferry to Culebra is so popular that it is hard to get a seat. Vieques Ferry; Vieques Beaches; Culebra Ferry; Contact; Select Page. The transition period for operations could take up to three years, but HMS Ferries said it is “committed to implementing a comprehensive and aggressive work plan that can be completed sooner than stipulated.” So now you can reach the beautiful beaches of Culebra and Vieques in just minutes. Isla Culebra is located about 17 miles east off the mainland, Puerto Rico. Hillbay View Villas. 112 likes. Top Hotels in Culebra; Vacation Rentals in Culebra; Top Hotels in Culebra. Be sure to get to the ferry terminal at least 1.5 hours before your desired time of departure, 2 hours on holiday weekends. Fajardo Ferry Schedule Information: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. It is recommended to park your rental car in Fajardo and rent another in Culebra. Culebra may not have brand-name hotels, but it does offer luxurious accommodations, especially if you consider a mansion for rent luxurious (and trust me, some of these homes are truly grand).

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