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WA273-EQ These Warm units with EQ will be undercutting the stock (non-Carnhill) Chameleon Labs 7603 by about a $100, but the Warm adds Carnhill transformers, very nice. I even wanted to put it up against a piece of gear that’s sole purpose is a warm sound, so I used the Blue Robbie; a one channel coming in at $799. The capsule is Warm Audio's own WA12-B-60V, which is said to capture "all the smoothness, rich top end and warm vintage sonics of the original CK12 capsule", though it's not clear how closely they have recreated this notoriously difficult-to-copy item. While it certainly fulfills its role in paying homage to the classic U87, the WA-87 updates certain features for a modern ear. 2nd September 2020. REVIEW OVERVIEW. The result of their efforts is the WA-84 under review here. Curious to hear more about these custom Carnhill transformers. I metered the two as closely to each other as I could and, I have to say, the WA12 held up very easily. Thus, Everything Recording was born. In 2018 Warm Audio released the WA-47. On the microphone front, they have released the WA-47, WA-87 and WA-14 (modern reproductions of the classic Neumann U47, U87, and AKG C414), among others. Telegram. The overall design of the compressor makes it approachable for beginners, and easy to use for those who already know their way around studio equipment. I sent an email at 4:40 am on a Saturday and had a reply by 9 am. Top critical review. Warm Audio WA87. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Excellent price. Call Text Email Support Toll-free: (800) 222-4700 Español: (800) 222 … Most of the preamps out there claim the “vintage sound”, but only throw tubes and poor circuitry at you to cut cost. Twitter. Read the review in Premier Guitar’s digital edition here. For starters, you’ll get a threshold adjustment knob, along with knobs for attack, ratio, and release. Moreover, you can easily remove the operational amplifiers and swap them out for any other models you like. The features of this microphone set it apart from many of the other microphones with its price tag. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Well, it essentially means that it offers a faster attack and release response, at least when compared to tube compressors. Warm Audio… Ever heard of them? Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Warm Audio Bus-Comp 2-channel Stereo VCA Bus Compressor Reviews. In 2018 Warm Audio released the WA-47. Considering the fact that this piece of gear is largely aimed at taking on the likes of the SSL bus compressor, that’s a pretty impressive price range. What does that mean? I really don’t want to appear like I’m exaggerating but there’s no way around it on this review. The WA12 has found a way to give you a discrete preamp, with custom designed transformers, that still somehow crush the competition in both price and sound. When we at Warm Audio decided to release the WA273 it was imperative that it met vintage expectation in both design and performance. Facebook. The 22 47 LE features a true vintage German EF-12 steel tube manufactured between the 1940s and 1960s. WhatsApp. 8.6/10. Now you’re probably asking me, “How can you prove this?” Very easy, I own both of the culprits in question. Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box. Many years later and too much money spent, I decided to use this fascination to help others. Warm Audio Jet Phaser. Facebook. I'm mostly interested in a mic preamp for vocals. A joyously impractical, deliciously sweet and sticky octave fuzz. Over the years there have been a handful of preamps that have really stood the test of time with classic design that resulted in classic sound. REVIEW: Warm Audio WA-251 Tube Condenser Microphone By Chris Devine on July 16, 2019. From the age of eight, using my cheap Yamaha PSR-500 keyboard's 4 track limited recorder, I became fascinated with tracking audio. Nowadays, it seems only fair to crown Warm Audio the king company, in terms of product value. WARM AUDIO WA14 - L e micro WA-14 se base sur un grand classique à condensateur le " 414 " qui a été utilisé dans un nombre incalculable de Hits. This was an easy win for the WA12. Warm Audio makes several other nice microphones, including the Warm Audio WA-47 that I reviewed previously, and a lot of people may be asking themselves which of the two tube mics they should get. It can give you that warm vintage sound or a more transparent sound, with the switch of a button. Though the Millennia had slightly more highs, the Millennia’s sole purpose is transparent sound. Tumblr. Though the Millennia had slightly more highs, the Millennia’s sole purpose is transparent sound. Now, why would I say that? Caveat: I only listened to the youtube video, through my board and monitors (Equator Audio Q10s). Shares. It’s commonly used in recording studios for voice-overs, music, and live radio due to its range. When it comes to companies emulating vintage recording equipment, Warm Audio remains among the top few who are consistently … 23rd September 2020. We found that the compressor was great at bringing through some of that low end response that otherwise might get lost in a mix, but thanks to the high pass filter, you can also eliminate rumble, which is particularly useful on things like a stereo piano track, for example. The high end version I am comparing it to is a Peluso 22 47 LE. The tube is a Slovak Republic JJ 12AY7 and the output transformer is supplied by CineMag USA. Thus, the WA73 family is fully hand-wired and assembled, as some of the 1073’s classic tone can be attributed to the construction itself. Email. Pinterest. Read more. Choice B really stood out, for me, on the vocal (on the guitar too, I just care less). Absolutely no issues with the LA2's and EQP's. WA273-EQ . The new compressor could be the go-to for budget-minded bedroom producers and professionals alike — especially given how well Warm Audio has performed in the past, and especially considering how expensive good alternatives can be. Share. Reviewed: Warm Audio WA73-EQ Single Channel Mic Preamp I’ve had some time with it this month, and I think you should all take a listen. Contact your Sales Engineer. Search. Une référence. Through economies of scale, mostly. The WA-47 is a 9 multi-pattern vacuum tube mic and attempts to recreate the popular k47 capsule design of the late 1960’s. The best part is that you get the analog feel, without it overpowering the track. I did have to send the unit in but I won't hesitate to pick up another WA76 knowing if there's any issues their customer service would be on top of it. It reminds me of the character the Universal Audio 710 has with the blend knob that is between the solid state and the tube leaning slightly more to the tube side, except the WA has more clarity. Jimmy Byrne October 21, 2020 No Comments Live Sound, Recording, Reviews, Warm Audio. So all of the features are great but let’s get down to brass tax, the sound. The other thing is the versatility with the Millennia. We wanted to see how some of their microphones compared to their vintage counterparts and so we tested four microphones and now we can we can announce the results This is very good for ribbon mics but in most cases, I’ve used it more as a color boost to add the extra analog into electric guitar tracks. This makes the two very similar in that way but not completely.

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