companies act 1985 as enacted

(1) The prospectus must give full particulars of—. Modifications of Part VIII where Company's Relevant Accounts are Special Category. 265, 266 to other companies, 268.Realised profits of insurance company with long term business, 270.Distribution to be justified by reference to company's accounts, 271.Requirements for last annual accounts, 274.Method of applying s. 270 to successive distributions, 275.Treatment of assets in the relevant accounts, 277.Consequences of unlawful distribution, 278.Saving for provision in articles operative before Act of 1980, 279.Distributions by special category companies, 281.Saving for other restraints on distribution, PART IX A Company's Management ; Directors and Secretaries ; their Qualifications, Duties and Responsibilities, 286.Qualifications of company secretaries, 288.Register of directors and secretaries, 289.Particulars of directors to be registered under s. 288, 290.Particulars of secretaries to be registered under s. 288, Provisions governing appointment of directors, 292.Appointment of directors to be voted on individually, 295.Disqualification orders: introductory, 296.Disqualification on conviction of indictable offence, 297.Disqualification for persistent default under Companies Acts, 298.Disqualification for fraud etc. 409.Charges on property in England and Wales created by oversea company, CHAPTER II Registration of Charges (Scotland), 411.Charges on property outside United Kingdom, 412.Negotiable instrument to secure book debts. (1) If the register of members is, under the provisions... 3.A summary, distinguishing between shares issued for cash and shares... 4.Particulars of the total amount of the company's indebtedness in... 5.A list— (a) containing the names and addresses of all... 6.All such particulars with respect to the persons who at... Orders in Course of Winding Up Pronounced in Vacation (Scotland), PART II Orders Which are to take Effect Until Matter Disposed of by Inner House. 561.Summoning of persons suspected of having company property, etc. 34. 11. 7.If at the end of its financial year the company... 8.If at the end of its financial year the company... 9.If at the end of its financial year the company... 10.None of the foregoing provisions of this Part requires the... 11.If at the end of its financial year the company... 12.If advantage is taken of paragraph 11, there must be... 13.For purposes of this Part, shares of a body corporate... PART III Financial Information About Subsidiaries. 7. Instead, it was introduced by statutory instrument - the Companies (Tables A to F) Regulations 1985. 547.Constitution and proceedings of committee of inspection, 548.Power of Secretary of State to act in place of committee, General powers of court in case of winding up by the court, 550.Settlement of list of contributories and application of assets, 552.Debts due from contributory to company, 554.Payment into bank of money due to company, 555.Order on contributory to be conclusive evidence, 556.Appointment of special manager (England and Wales), 557.Power to exclude creditors not proving in time, 558.Adjustment of rights of contributories, 559.Inspection of books by creditors and contributories, 560.Costs of winding up may be made payable out of assets. Enforcement of receiver's duty to make returns, etc. Definition of wholly-owned subsidiary 6. Act 9 of 2007 (GG 3969) brought into force on . Provisions of this Act applying to Unregistered Companies, Form of Statement to be published by certain companies under section 720, Companies Act 1981, Section 38, as Originally Enacted. The Whole Act you have selected contains over 200 provisions and might take some time to download. Dependent on the legislation item being viewed this may include: Click 'View More' or select 'More Resources' tab for additional information including: All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0 except where otherwise stated. Other than Subsidiaries. Act structured to facilitate its use in relation to most common type of company. 146, 147, Charges of public companies on own shares, Financial assistance generally prohibited, Relaxation of s. 151 for private companies, Time for giving financial assistance under s. 155, Definitions of " off-market" and " market " purchase, Authority for contingent purchase contract, Assignment or release of company's right to purchase own shares, Payments apart from purchase price to be made out of distributable profits, Disclosure by company of purchase of own shares, Power of private companies to redeem or purchase own shares out of capital, Availability of profits for purposes of s. 171, Procedure for special resolution under s. 173, Publicity for proposed payment out of capital, Objections by company's members or creditors, Powers of court on application under s. 176, Effect of company's failure to redeem or purchase, Power for Secretary of State to modify this Chapter, Transitional cases arising under this Chapter; and savings, Duty of company as to issue of certificates, Evidence of grant of probate or confirmation as executor, Issue and effect of share warrant to bearer, Offences in connection with share warrants (Scotland), Payment of debts out of assets subject to floating charge (England and Wales), Obligation of disclosure: the cases in which it may arise and " the relevant time ", " Percentage level" in relation to notifiable interests, Particulars to be contained in notification, Notification of family and corporate interests, Agreement to acquire interests in a particular company, Obligation of disclosure arising under s. 204, Obligation of persons acting together to keep each other informed, Interests in shares which are to be notified, Other provisions about notification under this Part, Registration of interests disclosed under s. 212, Company investigation on requisition by members, Penalty for failure to provide information, Where and for how long records to be kept, Penalties for non-compliance with ss. 17 of 2015 Date of Assent: 11 th September, 2015 Date of Commencement: Section I on 15th September, 2015 All other provisions: See Section 1 (3) and (4) ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Section PART I—PRELIMINARY I —Short title and commencement. Official seal for share certificates, etc. 353, 354, 356; agent's default, 360.Trusts not to be entered on register in England and Wales, 363.Annual return (company having a share capital), 364.Annual return (company not having a share capital), 367.Secretary of State's power to call meeting in default, 368.Extraordinary general meeting on members' requisition, 369.Length of notice for calling meetings, 370.General provisions as to meetings and votes, 375.Representation of corporations at meetings, 377.In certain cases, compliance with s. 376 not required, 378.Extraordinary and special resolutions, 380.Registration, etc. 15. 315.Consequences of non-compliance with s. 314, 317.Directors to disclose interest in contracts, 318.Directors' service contracts to be open to inspection, 319.Director's contract of employment for more than 5 years. The International Business Companies Act, 1984 was a statute of the British Virgin Islands which permitted the incorporation of International Business Companies (IBCs) within the Territory. The Executive The Executive for the time being of the Association 27. (1) Where an event of whose occurrence a director is,... 20.In this Part, a reference to price paid or received... PART IV Provisions with Respect to Register of Directors' Interests to be Kept Under Section 325. 543.Submission of liquidator's accounts for audit. 302.Provision against undischarged bankrupt acting as director etc. “the Company” means Light Aircraft Association Limited “the Articles” means the articles of the Company. Sick Industrial Companies Act, 1985, Securities (Amendment) Act, 2004, Companies Act, 2013 etc. Liabilities arising from contravention of s. 320, Prohibition on directors dealing in share options, Duty of director to disclose shareholdings in own company, Register of directors' interests notified under s. 324, Extension of s. 323 to spouses and children, Extension of s. 324 to spouses and children, Duty to notify stock exchange of matters notified under preceding sections, General restriction on loans etc. 99 ff, 116.Application of ss. (1) This Part of this Schedule applies to the directors'... PART IV Health, Safety and Welfare at Work of Company's Employees. (1) An obligation imposed on a person by section 324(2)... 16.In reckoning, for purposes of paragraphs 14 and 15, any... PART III Circumstances in Which Obligation Imposed by Section 324 is not Discharged. 89, 90 by private company, 92.Consequences of contravening ss. of documents delivered to registrar. Offences by directors of reporting companies. Summoning of persons suspected of having company property, etc. to directors and persons connected with them, 336.Transactions at behest of holding company, 337.Funding of director's expenditure on duty to company, 338.Loan or quasi-loan by money-lending company, 339." (1) The following applies for the interpretation of paragraphs 22... 34.This Part of this Schedule requires information to be given... PART VI Particulars Relating to Number of Employees Remunerated at Higher Rates. 40.Official seal for share certificates, etc. 3. 18. 5. 21. 6. 631.Assessment of damages against delinquent directors, etc. Companies Act [Chapter 24:03] updated. 22. 636.Enforcement of liquidator's duty to make returns, etc. 2. Interpretation 5. (1) In relation to a company's accounts for a financial... 12.In relation to a company's accounts for a financial year,... 13.Section 345 of this Act (power of Secretary of State... 14.The following provisions of this Act apply for purposes of... PART II Matters to be Disclosed under Section 233. 6. The Act played in a huge role in the economic and financial development of the Territory in the 1990s. in anticipation of winding up, 628.Material omissions from statements relating to company affairs, 630.Responsibility of individuals for company's fraudulent trading. in winding up, Disqualification by reference to association with insolvent companies. Latest Available (revised):The latest available updated version of the legislation incorporating changes made by subsequent legislation and applied by our editorial team. 188. Power of registrar to accept information on microfilm, etc. 52.Paragraphs 53 to 57 require information which either supplements the... 53.Separate statement of certain items of income and expenditure. 283 Secretary (1) Every company shall have a secretary. 247-250 and Sch. 31. Act subject to application of Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol: 399: Companies Act 1955 continues to apply for limited purposes: 400: Companies restored to register or that have ceased to be in liquidation may be reregistered: 401: References to companies incorporated under Companies Act … of documents delivered to registrar. Power to obtain information as to those interested in shares, etc. The expression " financial year" in this Part means the... Any report required by this Part shall either indicate by... (1) A report required by paragraph 17 or 18 shall... (1) Subject to the following provisions of this Schedule—. (1) If the net realisable value of any current asset... Miscellaneous and supplementary provisions, 24.Excess of money owed over value received as an asset item, 26.Determination of purchase price or production cost. 1 November 2010 by GN 237/2010 (GG 4595) ACT . 7. The person must by the order be made subject—. 5. 142.Duty of directors on serious loss of capital, 143.General rule against company acquiring own shares, 144.Acquisition of shares by company's nominee, 146.Treatment of shares held by or for public company, 147.Matters arising out of compliance with s. 146(2), 148.Further provisions supplementing ss. Following eight years of consultation, the final provisions of the Act became law in October 2009. Charge by way of ex facie absolute disposition, etc. 13.Where any payment has been made— (a) to any clerk,... 14.For purposes of this Schedule— (a) any remuneration in respect... Vesting of Disclaimed Property ; Protection of Third Parties, PART I Disclaimer by Liquidator under sections 618, 619; Crown Disclaimer under section 656(England and Wales Only). 41. to directors and persons connected with them, Transactions at behest of holding company, Funding of director's expenditure on duty to company, Loan or quasi-loan by money-lending company, " Relevant amounts " for purposes of ss. The address of the registered office of the company. The Companies Act 1985 (c.6) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, enacted in 1985, which enabled companies to be formed by registration, and set out the responsibilities of companies, their directors and secretaries. (1) All the provisions of this Act apply to the... 7.Provisions of this Act with respect to—. Original (As Enacted or Made): The original version of the legislation as it stood when it was enacted or made. (1) If the company has issued any debentures during the... 43.Where any fixed assets of the company (other than listed... 44.In relation to any amount which is or would but... 49.If any fixed cumulative dividends on the company's shares are... 50.Guarantees and other financial commitments, Information supplementing the profit and loss account. (3) This Act shall come into force at once, except section 456 which shall come into force an act to provide for a tax, to be known as farm tax, on certain agricultural land and to provide for connected matters. 17. (1) Subject to the following sub-paragraph, where the company is... Consolidated accounts of holding company and subsidiaries. 181. 414.Charge by way of ex facie absolute disposition, etc. Non -application of Act to certain institutions. 546.Decision whether committee of inspection to be appointed. Companies [No. 24. 415.Company's duty to register charges created by it, 416.Duty to register charges existing on property acquired, 417.Register of charges to be kept by registrar of companies, 418.Certificate of registration to be issued, 421.Copies of instruments creating charges to be kept by company, 423.Right to inspect copies of instruments, and company's register, PART XIII Arrangements and Reconstructions, 425.Power of company to compromise with creditors and members, 426.Information as to compromise to be circulated, 427.Provisions for facilitating company reconstruction or amalgamation, 428.Power to acquire shares of dissenting minority, 429.Dissentient's right to compel acquisition of his shares, 430.Provisions supplementing ss. 13.Delivery to a person's order of shares or debentures in... PART II Periods Within Which Obligations Imposed By Section 324 Must Be Fulfilled. This Part of this Schedule requires information to be given... (1) There shall be shown by reference to each pair... (1) For these purposes, a person's emoluments include any paid... References in paragraph 36 to a company's subsidiary—. 24.Paragraph 22 above is without prejudice to any requirement of... 25.In relation to any subsidiaries of the holding company not... 26.In relation to any subsidiary (whether or not dealt with... PART III Exceptions for Certain Special Category Companies. If an amount is set aside for the purpose of... (1) There shall be shown under separate headings—. The principal Act is amended by substituting for section 11 the following: "Registers. 265, 266 to other companies, Realised profits of insurance company with long term business, Distribution to be justified by reference to company's accounts, Method of applying s. 270 to successive distributions, Treatment of assets in the relevant accounts, Saving for provision in articles operative before Act of 1980, Distributions by special category companies, Saving for other restraints on distribution, Particulars of directors to be registered under s. 288, Particulars of secretaries to be registered under s. 288, Appointment of directors to be voted on individually, Disqualification on conviction of indictable offence, Disqualification for persistent default under Companies Acts, Disqualification for fraud etc. (1) Any member of the company or other person may... 27.The company shall send notice in the prescribed form to... 28.Unless the register is in such a form as to... 29.The register shall be produced at the commencement of the... PART I Countries and Territories in Which Overseas Branch Register May be Kept, PART II General Provisions With Respect to Overseas Branch Registers. Nothing in paragraphs 5 to 7 authorises a company to... None of the provisions of this Act (except section 461(3))... the original print PDF of the as enacted version that was used for the print copy, lists of changes made by and/or affecting this legislation item, confers power and blanket amendment details, links to related legislation and further information resources.

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